wonder woman cosplay

Diana Prince, a heroine who dares to pursue love and peace

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Throughout the world of superheroes, rare superheroes can add a sense of balance and freshness to the world. The “Fantastic Woman” in DC Comics, the soft, innocent and staunch personality, has left a deep impression on many fans. A few years ago, Warner filmed the heroine’s story into a movie, which was released in China […]

black panther costume cosplay

Black Panther: A person who strives to make the world a better place, we call it a hero

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Cool is already synonymous with Marvel movie. As a superhero film of Marvel, no matter which hero, there must be a cool fighting scene. “Black Panther” is no exception, but “Black Panther” and other The biggest difference between the American heroes is that the blacks are finally in the first place and have their own […]

favorite superhero

The favorite superhero in the fashion world

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The fashion world has long been obsessed with comics. This is no wonder. They provide one world after another, with urban skylines and evil labs, gorgeous costumes and dramatic storylines, and fierce battles between justice and evil. In fact, in 2008, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted an exhibition featuring the powerful characters and superheroes […]

the king of glory

2019 hottest cosplay costume list!

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Cosplay is not a new word? As the domestic animation and game market has become increasingly prosperous, animation/game peripheral products have gradually formed a large-scale market. Among the surrounding products, COS clothing is the most popular, imitating a character in anime/game, starting from clothing and then to the whole body. 1, anime / Magic Taoist […]