Diana Prince, a heroine who dares to pursue love and peace

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Throughout the world of superheroes, rare superheroes can add a sense of balance and freshness to the world. The “Fantastic Woman” in DC Comics, the soft, innocent and staunch personality, has left a deep impression on many fans. A few years ago, Warner filmed the heroine’s story into a movie, which was released in China and the United States on June 2, 2017. Although the release has been controversial to this day, after experiencing the bad feelings of the serial port of “Steel of the Iron Man” and BVS, many DC fans expressed their “emotional excitement” after the film was released. Of course, in fact, I personally feel that this movie is not too bad. So today I will talk about giving people a view of this movie.

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First of all, for this movie, my first feeling is that the combination of shock and exquisite makes the film layered, or because the director is a woman, so from a female point of view, I am more eager to find a subtle The sense of balance makes this movie not too monotonous. From the box office receipts of the movie, the first day of the 38.76 million US dollars won a single-day champion, the box office of China and the United States exceeded $ 1 billion. The box office scores are good. The film’s word of mouth directed by Patty Jenkins seems to be good. It can be said to be a successful commercial film.

Some netizens are dissatisfied with this movie in the film’s over-description of the heroine and some of the details of the film. The former has to be said to be a controversial point. Some viewers will feel that the excessive description of the heroine’s posture makes the film seem superficial at some level, but in fact, I feel that there are advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, too much description makes the audience feel very guiding, but in fact, the description of women can really highlight the charm of this heroine. So personally feel that this point is not without reason. I am in favor of wearing this issue. The background of the story was set during the First World War, and many things were pointed out that the time of World War I (1914-1918) did not match, and people looked at the sense of violation. Although the individual did not know much about the details of the First World War, many amnesties also pointed out the problem. Since I found this problem, I hope that the crew can pay attention to this problem. After all, from a certain point of view, it affects the viewer’s perception and cultural experience. The inconsistency between the background and the details can easily mislead the audience’s understanding of history.

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From the overall perspective of the story, both the rhythm and the plot are better. Diana’s character and the conflicts in her life experience make the audience’s experience of the film not too bad, but the interesting contrast makes people have great interest. The overall dark color of the film also makes the story atmosphere more realistic, DC’s consistent style. The story goes back to Diana’s life experience. The background of the film is quite good, probably from the perspective of the audience. Even a passerby watching a movie is simple and straightforward, and it won’t be particularly complicated.

In terms of casting, wonder woman is played by actress Gail Gato. When I say it, I can understand the reasons for the bad reviews. Is the casting too sexy? I think Gail Gaduo is very suitable for this role, both in terms of posture and the quality of the actors. Diana on the screen feels sexy and innocent, and her pursuit of love and peace makes her go forward anyway. As I mentioned earlier, Diana, who was born into the world, is very strange to the human world. The contrast between the innocent and straightforward characters in the complex world adds a little charm to this character. Unlike the previous superheroes, Diana is growing more thoroughly. She is an isolated Amazon princess. Although there are martial artists and hundreds of languages, the world is unknown.

And the encounter with Steve made her understand the rules of the world’s operation and human nature. Before that, Diana still naively believed that human nature is good. As Ares said, many things are actually accepted by human beings. Ares is an ambitious strategist and is very different from Diana’s character. Of course, it’s not just the fact that Ares told Diana, but Steve. Through his own sacrifice, Steve let Diana understand the complexity of the human world and let her understand her mission. From the emotional line, Diana’s emotional feedback is strong, which is exactly the growth that a person has to experience. Although the emotional line is in a downhill trend, it is rising from the perspective of personal growth. Although Steve’s sacrifice left the film with a trace of regret, I have to say that I am very grateful to every character in the movie, so that Diana’s character is more vivid and layered. They are also Diana. The growth has laid a path.

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Of course, as a story of a superhero, the most important thing is to save the world. “What I can do is save today, and what you can do is save the world,” Steve said. Diana’s understanding of the world before this was that the world would be saved as long as Aris was removed. In fact, everyone is part of the world and has a positive impact on the world. As a demigod, Diana can only understand her strength and cannot integrate into this human society. The same is the theme of saving the world. Although the practice is more extreme in this story, the role of each character is very clear, and it seems that this story will not be lacking. See more wonder woman cosplay costumes now! Click HERE to see more.

In fact, personally think that the name “Wonder Woman” can be explained in two ways. The first is Diana’s powerful power, and the second is her growth. Personally think that her growth is magical, because first of all, as a powerful party, to understand that their mission is not acceptable in a moment, and Diana is good at heart, this magical power is also important for her to grow fast. factor. Powerful and kind, it looks like the setting of the Virgin, but it is what the superheroine has. Do people pursue love and peace, let alone God? Everyone has the right to pursue love and peace. It is only his own practice and comments from the outside world.