2019 hottest cosplay costume list!

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the king of glory

Cosplay is not a new word?

As the domestic animation and game market has become increasingly prosperous, animation/game peripheral products have gradually formed a large-scale market. Among the surrounding products, COS clothing is the most popular, imitating a character in anime/game, starting from clothing and then to the whole body.

1, anime / Magic Taoist – Wei Wuzhen.

The novel changed to anime – “Magic Dao” has always been one of the representatives of Guo Man. The delicate style of painting, excellent VC, the restoration of the original character image, including the production of background sound, are all examples of Guo Man.

Among them, Wei Wuzhen, the protagonist of the Magic Dao, can be said to be a classic character. The body is long, black, and there is a ghost flute at the waist. As the founder of Ghost Road, people also call him the Yiling ancestor.

Magic Taoist

Magic Taoist

Wei Wu’s COS clothing includes: long-sleeved blouse, robed single-layer jacket, black long skirt, girdle, waist tie, flute, costume boots, wig.

2, anime / full-time master

“Full-time Master” is based on the novel of the same name written by Butterfly Blue in the Chinese website of the starting point. The story tells the top master Ye Xiu, who is known as the textbook level in the online game honor. For many reasons, he was expelled from the club and left the professional circle. She started the network management in an Internet cafe, but with ten years of game experience, he returned to the battlefield in the newly opened 10th district of glory, and an unfinished weapon began to return to the peak.

full-time master

full-time master

Full-time master COS national team uniforms include: single pants (single skirt), T-shirt, jacket

3, the game / The king of glory

The glory of the king, also known as the king pesticide, shows that the game is poisonous but still wants to play. This MOBA mobile game released by Tencent Tianmei Studio, and reached the record of the first 100-person MOBA mobile game online in 2017, can be said to be a phenomenon-level mobile game.

Mulan is the game character of the king’s glory. Although the operation is the most gorgeous, but the operation is also the most difficult, people love and hate.

The king of glory

Mulan COS clothing includes: hair ring headwear, hairpin headwear, neck ring, jumpsuit, armband, sleeve, waist blade, belt, socks, foot ornaments, knife sets, small swords, epee.

4, anime / fox demon little red mother (Tushan Susu)

“Fox Demon Little Matchmaker” is a comic book serialized by Ten Xiaoxin. The work has also been adapted into animations and games of the same name. Anime mainly tells a series of stories that happened during the front line of the past lover’s front line.

fox demon little red mother

fox demon little red mother

Tushan Susu is the female owner of this anime. She always carries a variety of snacks.

Tushan Susu COS clothing includes: wigs, gowns, girdle, waist, blouse, hair accessories, ears, hair nets, anklets, bells.

  1. Different world life from scratch. Rem

The TV anime “Re: Different World Life from Zero” was adapted from the light novel of the same name made by the Japanese light novel parent Yueda Plain.

Different world life from scratch

Different world life from scratch

One of the heroines, Leim, is the first place in the women’s group in the Mani area of ​​the Anime character’s popular awards event in the B station. The 5th Reddit Forum Anime section is the champion of the most popular conference. It can be seen how high the popularity of Rim is.

Rim’s COS clothing: headwear, clothes, stockings, sleeves.


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